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Kedar & Gauri

A little truth, a little false, Let me tell you tale of Love. In the lands of Utkala During the kingship of The Lalatendu Kesari, Lived Kedar & Gauri.

Not far from the famous Temple of Lingaraj, Lived Kedar, the youngest son of a chieftain. Jolly was he, who lived in his world of fantasy. Giggled the girls of his age, when he use to pass by, “How beautiful is he!" “Oh! Mahadev! grant me his love
I shall offer Thee sixteen Mondays!" But none could ever succeed.

Nearby was another clan, where the beauty of beauties, Gauri lived. Elder among all her siblings, She was the daughter of that clan’s Chief. To her, none dare to stare, As like hell, the chief was fierce. Only A braveheart could be her suit.
Once during the Night of Nights on the pious day of Shivaratri Kedar met Gauri. as if, long lost love was discovered!
Eyes and eyes met,
Kedar fell for Gauri.
Her heart throbbed faster,
as an indication,
That it no longer belonged her.
She became Kedar's Gauri !

The love b…