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When I asked, 'Are you Ruskin Bond?', He replied with jest 'I think, I am..!'

I was on an official trip to New Delhi and returning to home in Malur after a stressful meeting . The Delhi traffic was also horrible that it had doubled my plight and all I wanted  to get back home.

I hurriedly checked in and went through security check,  as  I collected my back pack coming out from scanning trolley my eyes fell upon the tall, old man with big protruding belly getting himself security check and engaged in some jovial conversation with the security officer.

He seemed familiar.

"Hey, don't he looks like Ruskin Bond?!', I said to myself.

 'Why no one is around him? ' I asked again myself, 'are you sure he is 'Ruskin Bond? the one whose short stories made English literature so interesting during school days?.

To make myself sure, I Googled his name in Google image search, in my smart phone. I confirmed, it was He.
I went to him and (how foolish I was !) 'I asked ' Are you Ruskin Bond?'

He Replied with jest " I think, I am…

A Bike, Its Riders and Related Emotions

Enfield Explorer, a two stroke, three gear motor bike entered our pretty modest life in early nineties when I was about 8 or 9 years . Father with his little savings then thought to have a little taste of luxury, that's how the two wheeler found a space in the veranda of our rented house.
The day the bike's key was delivered to father at his office, Baba as we called our father, did not know how to ride it. The delivery man and Baba rode the new bike to our house at around 11 pm in the night. We were eager to see the new delight and  hear the vroom sound. But our happiness was short-lived when the delivery man told that, he is far off from his place and requested to take the bike along with him and return it the next day. Strangely, Baba Agreed!. Bou as we call our mother was furious with the decision. The celebration mood was smashed down as the delivery man took away the bike, keeping us speculating that If he may never return, then?. Baba, as his nature goes, is a believer…