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The Colourful String

In cities like Bhubanswar, one could easily know a festival is nearby, from the vending stalls that mushroom at each and every corner of the locality, selling the items related to the festival. The most significant of all is the stalls of the colourful strings – Rakhi, displayed in various forms and design, that remarks the nearing of Rakhi Poornima, the full moon day of Hindu Month of Sravan. a unique festival on which a sister tie a colourful string on the hand of her brother wishing to strengthen the bond of her selfless love for him.
As a child, I waited for this festival eagerly. We being two boys of our parents,  devoid of biological sisters, never felt the loss significantly because we received the love of our cousins both from our mother and father side on the eve. 
Then………, I never cared about the one who tied the string on my hand; rather cared about the type & design of Rakhi they all tied on my hand. I was very comparative to the one tied on my brother’s hand. I like…

A River Flows In between

A poem by me - It reflects the common human desire.