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A Flat Near The Railway Track

Not far from the railway track at Satyanagar, Hari took a small flat for rent. Having posted as bank clerk there in a commercial bank, in the city of Bhubaneswar Hari had many dreams to fulfill.  But above all he wanted to give marriage to his younger sister, who was living with his widowed mother at his village.
The flat, though horrible for any standard house hold, but was good enough for Hari. At least he had a place to live in the big city. Although it was noisy whenever any train use to pass by, but within few days he got habituated. The flat was on the ground floor` of the building and had two rooms, a small kitchen and a bathroom & Latrine. Hari did not know, who actually was the owner of the room, he got the room from the house rent broker of the locality, who had asked him to pay him the rent directly and it was just  Rs.1000 per month.

Getting up early in the morning, Hari had a habit of doing Puja after bath of  Goddess Sarala, of whose he had kept a laminated photograph,…

A Pumpkin Plant

It has been more than 20 years, I was just about 7 or 8. I planted a pumpkin seed during one of our summer vacation visit to our village. I planted the seed at the back side of our village home and to have as witness of such a special work; I had my grand mother. She directed me how to dig a hole, put the seed inside it and put water around it. For next 7 days stay, I kept on going to that spot to see the plant grow and bear a big pumpkin.

Why I sown a pumpkin seed?
Because then, as a child I loved the way pumpkin looked. Huge round shape with grooves, resembling a big globe, that once I had seen in the principal's room in our school. How silly the reason is, but I was obsesses to own one such pumpkin. There was no other good option than owning a pumpkin that bore in the plant that you have yourself-planted.
After 4 months of time, another vacation came, it was Durga puja vacation, and we went back to village, all the way I was dreaming of the pumpkin plant. I knew, in these 4 mo…