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The Mustard Alley

A Quest. Summons the mighty Indraduymna, his councillors, priests and warriors! to find the one who shines blue, deep in the greens, as he  had seen  in his dreams, in a darker cave, inform of an Idol! beneath an uni-peak prominence.
Among was Vidyapati, the chief priest's son, 'was asked to go in the eastern direction, To the land that was believed to be ruled by the savages! His journey was treacherous, overcoming many hurdles, and walking for two seasons, he could spot the unique mountain. which matched the Monarch's description.
The mountain was indeed mightier, As he proceeded in its indirection, it gradually revealed its vast form! Perplexed! "where he could spot the Cave?" Thought the young Brahman, ages might pass, just to give him a rarest of rare chance!
Lalita The morning rays, as if emanating from the peak's summit, scattered in all directions, as blessings of the Divine! touched the face of the tired inquisitor. still Sleepy on a tree branch, Vidyapati heard the sound of a …

Lottery to Death

When the term "Lottery" comes to mind it gives us an image of huge money earned out by chance without any significant effort. But the concept of "Lottery" is used not only for winning money,  wealth or privileges, it is also at times used for thing that has (no way) any relation to wining or anything!

Kumar, a jovial banker never knew that one such lucky draw will bring a yearlong nightmare to him that will redefine way of his living.
One can think of  it as a coincidence or be of any undefined phenomenon, the branch of the bank which Kumar had been transfer recently as Branch manager, had been witnessing, unnatural death of three of its employees in a span of just two years.
A clerk who had been working long for 15 years, died of choking his throat when he was having quick breakfast to the office. Another case was of the cashier who was all healthy and stout, fell sick of seasonal diarrhea and passed away for dehydration.  Where as an woman employee who had brie…