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The Witch Doctor of Haripa

If you go to any parts of rural India, you will some or other way get to know about a man (mostly man and very rarely woman) who will be a self proclaimed witch doctor, known to have mastered the power ofTantra andcan at his/ her will control, command and punish dead souls and spirits.
So was JatiaGunia( Witch doctor) of Haripa, a small coastal village of odisha. He was a lean and thin dark complexioned man, with thick moustaches and  a chain smoker of local Bidi. Though one can count the rib bones in his chest but one can never overcome him in any social, political and spiritual discussion as he would end up with ferocious verbal battle. In some or other way he will link any happenings with handy work of good and bad spirits.
When someone broke his leg, falling from the tree while cutting a tree branch, he said, that person had disturbed an age olddahaniwho was then sleeping upside down on that branch. He would have died, but it is he, who had saved him, but he had pay a little pric…

Lost to the Cyclone

Not far from the modest port city of Paradip,  there is a small village called Govindpur. Surrounded by the pine trees, the village is native to a small group of fishermen and their family. The village knew nothing of the modern world, till the year 1999, when super cyclone hit the coast. Although the devastating cyclone taken many things  from the villagers, but have brought change in image of the village. It was all due to (whatsoever little) support it got from post cyclone development schemes carried by the Government.
Although the standard of living has increased for the villagers after the cyclone, but for Anaam, the Cyclone took away his most precious things. He lost his old Father, Mother & his love, his wife, Kusum. Only he and his two year old daughter Kanchan could survived the devastating cyclone.  It has been thirteen years since the fateful event has occurred but the memory is still afresh as a deep scar in his heart.
It was 28th October and the authorities were alert…


'Love' is a subtle emotion that defines why we are human beings. It is only 'love' within us that has kept us going and living in-spite of all odds in the world. Love is a deeper language even animals can understand, communicate and reciprocate. But we have been ignoring this powerful emotion with thoughts to excel in the career, become power full and propagate pseudo doctrines of Faiths.

I love to do everything...and that the reason why I write it. I have written few Stories in which love and romatic feelings are the theme.

Hope this Valentine Day have a happy reading of about ......

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a happy …

At an Incredible Part of Bhubaneswar - A 10 Min one Act Play in English

At An Incredible Part of Bhubaneswar -  A 10 Min one Act Play in English

Sunil: Age- 24-27Yrs
Mita: Age 23-26Yrs
Old Woman : 50-60 Yrs of Age
Timeline : In Past

It is a fine day as Mita braved to climb up on winding ghat road to the hilltop of Daulagiri, with her modest Hero-Puch, with Sunil  (her batch mate in her engineering college) at the pillion seat.

Act I ( Scene -1) - At the Base of The Hill
Sunil: Can you handle it? We should walk, instead.
Mita: You should not question someone you love, moreover it is you, who should be doing stunts not me, Hai re mo bhagay (my bad luck!)
Sunil: What can I do, If I don't know to ride?
Mita: Do nothing, Just hold me tight.
Sunil: I better hold the side rod.
Mita: Why? Are you shy?
Sunil: 'No, if hold you tight, there are chances you will lose control on the handle'
Mita: 'eeen, Smart fellow'
With full swing on top gear Mita could manage to take the wheels to the top of the hill.

 ( Scene -2) - On the Top of the Hill,