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A True Ascetic

Dr. Sunil could see huge advertising hoardings around the city on his way from airport to the Hotel. It was all about Swami Kapilanand's Prabchan (Discourse) at capital exhibition field. The Hoarding displayed a saffron clad, smiling middle aged healthy Swami with closed eyes and in lotus sitting pose. A dozens of marigold garlands around his neck while a halo was beautifully photoshopped behind his head. The face of the swami resembled with someone known.
In late 80ies Sunil left for America, where he studied applied mathematics at MIT and now he is a distinguished Professor there. He was visiting to his home town, Bhubaneswar on an invitation as a chief guest to a seminar organized by group of mathematicians & educationalists. 
Bhubaneswar, being a temple city has a huge population of God fearing people who are interested to spend their evenings in hearing such discourses. It was not like this before in '80ies. Few such events used to happen in the city. Every household u…

A Mad Boy

There was a strange air in the market that day. It happens when something unusual attracts every ones attention.I could hear people talking about somebody very curiously. I overheard a group of people having following conversation at the tea stall.

"how odd he looks !!!did you notice his head? .....How small it is" "Yes, very odd never seen somebody like him"

I became curious, I began to move towards the crowd to witness the subject of my curiosity. Indeed the sight was very strange and unusual.

I saw a black complexioned boy about the age of 10 or 11 or more, completely nude seated on a heap of dust and giving occasional shrill cries. His head was unusually small than normal. Must be an abnormal born. When somebody tried to clothe him with a piece of cloth, he used to give a shrill cry and even attempted to strike with his hand. It was that day this mad boy appeared, as if from nowhere. People said, someone brought him and left to his fate in the market place. Nobody k…