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The Couple Trees

I grew up in Bhubaneswar, a city which is only 90 km away from my coastal ancestral home, which, I call as Gaan. It is a small village, surrounded by coconut trees, mango orchards, bamboo bushes and lush green paddy fields. The most remarkable feature of this small village was the couple trees - A Banyan and a Peepal tree. Everyone called it as couple trees because they were ritualistically married by Hindu rites, many years back when they were only  a year or two years old saplings. I always had a query in my mind, for which I never got a justified answer, is that among the trees who was the husband and who was the wife?
Both the trees were separated only by three or four feet. A neat elliptical cemented platform surrounded the trees which made it a perfect destination for young & olds to pass off their leisure time. Even it was my most favourite place during my stay in the periods of summer vacations. The olds seated on the platforms liked me most, as I would boast of my life s…

Lost & Found

She was getting ready, as they have planned to visit Puri, as it was the Rath Yatra, the grand car festival of Lord Jagganath. She wore a beautiful peacock green Sambalpuri Sari, and tried to put a round red bindi between her eyebrows. Then she looked at the dressing mirror admiring its perfect fit on her fair oval face. He came out of the bath room, wearing a towel around his waist and with another, waggling on his wet head and said, ‘Hope you are ready; I’ll be ready within a minute………Yes, did the driver called?’ “Yes he did, he has arrived”, she replied as she adjusted the folding of the sari and tried to keep all of it aligned and perfectly in shape. Though she was new to the art of wearing a sari, but tried to wear it perfectly the way it was taught to her by her mother in law. As she was done with it, she found him staring at her surprisingly. She burst into laughter, and enquired, “What?!!!” “What? What” He said bluntly, “are you sure, you are are going Puri in Sari? Dear Ma…