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Mandan and Ubhayabharati

It is an extract from Ubhyabharati By Nabakisore Raj. Originally written in Odiya Language I have tried my best to reflect the thoughts of the author in English. Wish all of you a nice reading.

Mandan Mishra & Ubhyabharati were renowned figures during the times of Sankaracharya and were known the for their peerless knowledge on vedic scriptures.

Everyone in the family was happy in the proposal of the marriage for Mandan. 
Mandan has never perfectly seen Ubhayabharti. She occasionally comes for a visit to her brother’s house and returns after staying for few days. It was strict instruction from Gurudev. A brahamchari should never see a woman’s face. And Mandan strictly followed the instructions.

He has only seen her hurrying feet under the beautiful pink or blue ghagra. Those beautiful pair of feet painted with red alata, decorated with a pair of paaunji, makes one think of…

Ghosts in Indian Movies- An Open Thought

Having stuffed with lots of ghost Stories, TV serials & Movies, during childhood, I have always found, many things in common in them like:

Ghosts appear specifically in night that to after 12 pm (Indeed they are very time specific);have Long disheveled hair (Needs to Shampoo daily - or may consult Sainaz Husssian who looks like one of them - No offence)Slow walk ( might have got the Strain from long duration of sleep)Scratched face; (might have fallen from Bicycle)Dual pitch voice ( I don't know how they manage to modulate - Needs experts From MIT to analyze)And the famous - White Shari. (One can never imagine of a Indian ghost without white Shari, as if it's their uniform or something like that.)

I have always imagined why not they wear something else just for a change. Why they prefer to appear at night, what is there bad in day time, are they sacred of it?

Ghosts are actually stereotyped by Indians Thriller movies, TV serials & Stories. As Indians are stereotyped by…

A Boy & A Girl

Literary 'Cuttack' means a City or town. Although Cuttack is a small city of Odisha but has recently celebrated 1000th year of its establishment as an oldest city of eastern India. Nobody knows who had kept the track of a such long duration. But the city has its glorious record in the recent history.Many noted figures, Persona & Events has been the part of the city. Surround by Rivers in all of it sides, the city has many things to reveal.  WhyI am writing this?....

I am neither a historian nor a traveler  but wanted to gave an account on the city as my following story happens in the back drop of the city.

This story may seem fictitious to some readers, but I am sure it must have happened with someone or other in the city. 

Late in '90ies, during one midsummer afternoon, say during end of April or May, when scorching heat made the day of Cuttack unbearable, a Boy & a Girl happens to meet each other in the Badambadi bus stand, when they were waiting for a bus Named '…

A Moment of Love

Eyes closed and a smile in her face, A moment of love that mesmerizes, Halt oh! Time, Let me capture as much I can, Her affection, emotions & passion. A space in my heart, the space to treasure, To treasure that I have captured. She is she ….as a gift for me!!! A gift so peerless.
Dedicated to Her