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Little Fairy and The Owl

There was a little fairy, and an owl was her lieutenant. green were her wings, and she lost somewhere her wand! she took a journey to the lands of humans in a Quest.... for she believed , the wand is stolen! and it's none but the little boy, in her troubled dreams who had bullied and threaten to steal her wand and wings!
But the old Owl had a different opinion. 'little boys though mischievous at day, are pacific at night.....' 'so?' grrred the fairy 'It's may not be him' the nocturnal bird replied humbly.
'Who is the master, you or me?!' do as I instruct' ordered the fairy 'As you shall wish'
'fly up to the window, of that house in the east, for near it he sleeps scare him till he screams, Wand or no wand for Real, let that boy get a lesson
why! he made my dream so troublesome!'