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Bicycle Ride

"Do you like to hear stories?" asked Om to his newly married wife Sneha who was laying in his lap on the bed. 

" Yes I do. Do you have one to tell me?" She asked.


"Is it interesting?"

"You decide."


Om began.

"Tinku was just old enough to sit on the bicycle rod but his mother was fearful."
"Don't worry he'll be fine", Said Tinku's father as he prepared for a bicycle ride to the nearby park. He neatly made asoft cushion on the rod with the yellow towel so that Tinku's soft little buttocks do not ache during the ride. He lifted Tinku by his arms and made him seated on the custom made seat on the Bicycle. " Hold the handle tight, and don't put your fingers in the breaks. It will hurt you" "Ok papa" "So are you ready kid, shall we go?" "Yes Papa" "Say bye bye to mama" "bye bye" As his mother saw both of them rode awayon the cycle, she …