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Creation of God to God's Creation

Scientists say that Dinosaurs were extinct due their huge body size.  There was once a period that our Earth went through when there was very little for these big animals to feed upon. The smaller anyhow managed to carry on as" Nature" wanted it so, but these big creatures faced the danger.

It is  all the will of nature that matters in reality  and the process is called as "Natural Selection".  In evolution we also come across another phrase called "Survival of The Fittest" i.e. the one who is fit survives and the one who his unfit is wiped out. The term "Survival of the fittest" is just a derivative of the phrase "Natural Selection" . It is only the mighty Nature that creates a scenario that the fittest becomes unfit and are wiped off in the process of natural selection. 
We the human have largest brain to body ratio when compared to all other animals of our earth. We have very complex neural networks that makes us innovate and logi…

Bibhu's Encounter With Ghost

In Indian family, relationship are self defined and associated with certain discipline and liberty. Like one can have jovial relationship with spouse's younger brother or sister but have to maintain respectful attitude to them if they are elders; does not matter if they are younger by age to you. Shankar and Bibhu share a similar kind of relationship.
Shankar married Meera who was three year younger to him. Bibhu was Meera's elder brother and was by two years elder to her. So by age Shankar was one year older to Bibhu but by relation he was at lower altitude. Hence every time both meet, reluctantly Shankar had to say 'Namsakr' and touch his feet, as his wife would do so, with utmost devotion. She called him with respect Bibhu Bhaina meaning (brother similar to Father). Although Bibhu acts as if he is the damn serious fellow in the family but at his behind he is the subject of joke and even his parents become light while describing his attitude.
It was just few  mont…

Marriage Proposal for Vehicle Number- OR 05 - 5387

Still the concept of arrange marriage is prevalent in India and also off course in my home state Odisha. May be 1 in 100 would be a love marriage and there will be parallel common melodrama associated with it. There is a other form of marriage which is getting popular is Love cum arrange marriage, means when there is no melodrama associated and everything happens smoothly. But there is a most rare form of marriage  which I am going to described, is an arrange marriage but with a twist.
Now when parents find their kids are old enough to given in matrimony and they exchange of proposals either through matrimony sites or through matrimony agents. Once they have it, they just type the name of the boy/girl in the facebook (FB) and with a few seconds search they get to know how he or she is. It is by analyzing the photos they shared, friends they have, the dress they have worn, the comments they have given and the communities they like, they get to know about their character. 
"Why, …