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In Love with a Monk

It was month Sravana, the city of Mathura was looking like a young maiden as if blushing at her own beauty. The night sky was lit up with a crescent moon, playing hide and seek with the dark clouds. The moist sweet breeze from east blew the tender branches of the trees. But that doesn’t make any difference to the saffron clad, hair shaved, tall young monk. He only knew what the enlightened taught.
‘What ever be the situation treat it equally, for nothing lasts for ever. Behold Dhamma, it will show you the path’. And he held it above his esteem. Where ever he went, the crowd admired his words, respected him, showered flower in his paths. But the enlightened had taught him, ‘Upagupta never ever remain in that place where you get much respect’. So he has traveled so long to this city. The city, which was new to him, so as he to the city. He have walked for days with little food. Though tiered physically, but his conscience was alert and active. He thought to rest for a while, and began …


It was the very 1st day in the campus and we had a class in the College of Basic Science and Humanities. Being admitted to College of agricultural engineering & technology, it was inevitable to roam around the university campus to have a class here and a class there in the inter colleges of the university. And thus have us utterly exposed to the hungry eyes of seniors, especially to the 2nd years, as we were the ones, who were their elements of justification for their newly gained status. We the young minds, with full of spirits to revolutionize the face of Indian agriculture with world class technology, sitting in an under rated class room of Basic science college waited for a Mathematics Lecture. It was then a tall, decent looking boy among us, stood up and said...“Friends, we need to choose our Class Representative (CR), and wish, all of you suggest names”None said anything and looked with speculative eyes to this nice tall boy who have by then shown his quality of leadership t…

Durgapura Bus Stop

Wrote during an official tour to Rajasthan. (Click on the post to view it clear)

Love in Bangalore Metropolis bus

Its a poem about a friend who loved to travel in 600K Bus. (Click on the post to view it clear)

Pāgla and The Forbidden Valley

There happens to be a young wanderer, Whom people called Pāgla, For he knew nothing of what he was wandering, If asked, said he “ of something that will make me happy” But he never looked sad……….. Never had he thought, to do what for his hunger, For someone or other did spare a meal for the poor. He was favorite to Amma, the old granny, who lived in a dilapidated hut, at the end of the village.
One fine day,  his crazy mind drove him into the deep woods, After a day long walk, He reached the Forbidden Valley. The Valley, which had a black history, The valley, they all said is a ‘dark mystery’. Wisdom of the wise perished, Courage of the valorous failed, but unsolved, the riddle remained!
Even the Time himself smiled; Since now it’s a lunatic’s lead!

The valley was beautiful, even the mad eyes, exclaimed in awe. The beauty of the landscape, lured him to walk further…. A few hours off then, he felt hungry, And to his amazement he found an apple tree, He ate, till he stuffed his stomach…

The Girl on The Swing.

I was then a kid, hardly in class three or four, proud enough to be a boy among the village kids, who reads in a convent and can speak English; although nobody cared about it.
It was holiday time, and the school was about to resume, but we all were still in our village. We have planned to return Bhubaneswar after celebrating Rājā fesitival in the village.
Rājā festival, as I then knew is the festival of girls on the Swings, Podo Pitha, Manda Pita, Mitha Panā and the super period of joy and happiness. Even my bou (mother) who was ever strict to me like anything transforms to jovial image of love and tenderness. In whole, I would say it’s a festival of love and affection that brings joy to every individual in those three days.
Being younger is always a disadvantage and you are never counted in the masculine members in the family. Even though, my brother who is just a year elder to me, proclaimed his right, as if by birth to dominate me. He was chosen in the party of elder male cousins,…


She was pretty, she was nice, who felt my pulse in a day thrice. Wearing a stetho around her neck, bright were her eyes behind the specs. With  mischievous smile, when she pricked the needle of a syringe, Oh! God What a pain!!........... Hey!!! Not in the vein……. But in the Heart!!! Alas! Only a sufferer could understand.
That day when I was discharged, I was sad. No more I’ll get to see her. Her tender hands never to feel my pulse again. With a heavy heart, I left.
Weeks after, when the date was due, I went for removal of my suture, I was quite excited. With a wish say her Hi, I entered the ward, to which I was admitted before. I found her. Saw her attending a man in the same bed, whose fractured leg was tied up in the air. With same smile she was then pricking a needle into him. Felt pity for the man, who must have lost his heart by then. Giving my advancing emotions a back gear, I told to myself, “It’s always better to call a nurse as sister”
TROUBLED HEART - (A poem by me "Troubled Heart", I scr…

Mahanadi - A Life Line

She originates as a neglected child of Mother nature. Thin & dry, left to the mercy of monsoon, foster by the Satpura range, with support of her siblings, widens up like a maidens’ dream. With steep falls & uncontrolled rapids, she blossoms to an irresistible mountain beauty.

After being admired by the land of 36 forts, She enters Utkala, the abode of peace & perseverance, bravery & penance……. Reflecting the effects, she controls herself, and learns the importance of preservations. Peace in her heart and emanating the invisible power, at times overflowing through the spillways, She runs down through a series of rapids, learning many a things.

Then she enters the beautiful, Satkosia gorge! the beauty she has never seen before, and there makes peace with her Mother. Paving her way out of the twin ridge, bidding farewell to the mountains, she enters the plains.

Paying back the favours in times of thousands,
separated from her siblings,
allowing a dumb city to witness,
she mingles herself to the vas…